Weekend freelancing at Honister’s Via Ferrata

This weekend saw us freelancing over at Honister Slate mine, busy as usual three trips a day 9 o clock, 12 o clock, 3 o clock, all taking 3 hours each so no time for lunch. I meet folk from all over the uk and abroad, people from Bath, Cambridge, London,Nottingham, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Aberdeen, Holland & Namibia. I also had a guy who was a transplant surgeon, the longest operation he’s done without a break is 9 hours, you get to meet some interesting people on the face of a mountain crag. We were rally lucky with the weather no low cloud or rain, on Saturday whilst half way up i could hear a fighter jet to me left 3 seconds later a solo ¬†Euro fighter come through the valley, you don’t get to look down at a fighter jet many times in your life. It was that close i could see the pilot eating a Bacon butty ¬†with his feet up. Hope to get more work from theses guy’s in the future.