Check List

It can be a bit daunting putting an activity day together if you’ve got a large group to arrange, I suppose the term herding cats comes to mind. So I’ve put together 10 of the most important things you need to remember when piecing together the Stag/Hen  jig saw puzzle.

  1. Get an Activity Plan.
  2. Send Invites.
  3. Accommodation.
  4. Decide on a date.
  5. Put down deposit for Activity/Accommodation.
  6. Book a Restaurant.
  7. Silly clothing for Stag/Hen.
  8. Snacks & Beer.
  9. Transport.
  10. Make sure everyone knows what the plans is.

Once you have sorted 1 -9 I’d say number 10 is really important, if no one knows what’s happening your going to get everyone keep on asking “what are we doing” which will drive you up the wall. A high percentage of us use Facebook these days so why not set up a messenger group so everyone is in the loop. This might be teaching you to suck eggs but you might take one thing away from this that you didn’t think of. And if you decide to have an activity weekend with Eden Valley Adventures I’ll make your activity day run smoothly.